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At the foundation of a growing business, Perth entrepreneurs should pay attention to one basic yet very important concept – you need to keep what your business have, whether tangible or intangible asset. You can bring new clients through the front doors all day long, but if you are losing them out the back, your business will remain stagnant.

There’s a lot to be said on the subject. The spectrum spans from creating powerful first impressions to providing world class service after the sale. Of course, there is no second chance to making a first impression. The reason why you must focus on first impression of your business is because it can make or break you from the start. If a potential client feels uncomfortable before ever talking to you or your staff, chances are they may walk out and never return. It’s a reality we have to face and fortify against.

There is a secret on creating this powerful first impression of your business that will keep your customers from coming back. You need to realize the first impression of your business starts with the way clients feel from the moment they reach the area your business is located, how you present yourself, and how your place looks and smells.

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